Assorted Views

I realized I never did share the videos that I’d posted all those b/w photos and stills from earlier, so here they are!

Freelove Fenner's “Surveilling The Void” is a 3-part spy series (with me mug and some brutalist architecture as co-lead characters) that features a soundtrack of two songs and one sound piece from their new record.

Watch Part 1 above.

Part 2

Part 3

Some backstory on the series from the mouths of Freelove Fenner (via this Chart Attack piece):

“We chanced upon a New York Times archive article written about the KGB during the late-Gorbachev era. By Glasnost, the organization was looking pretty much defanged and aimless. But everyone profiled in the piece came off as being really exceptional and able. And there was mention of a huge number of ‘assets’ being fired or laid off. You can’t put ‘KGB resident spy’ on your CV, can you?

For the video, we had this idea of an agent placed in a strategically unimportant post, given assignments that were essentially busywork. Think of it as a day in the life of disgruntled young spy just going through the motions until she finds the inevitable pink slip in a dead drop.”